The Top 5 Electric Bike Stocks: How To Invest in E-bikes, Scooters, and Motorcycles

You may not know that, but electric bikes are outselling electric cars worldwide. And surging gas prices make e-bikes even more attractive. Here’s how you can invest in companies that make electric bikes, motorcycles, and scooters.

SustainFi   Updated June 6th, 2022

Should you invest in electric bikes, scooters, or motorcycles?

E-bikes are like regular bikes equipped with a motor that increases speed and provides pedaling help. In 2020, Americans bought about 500,000 electric bikes, twice the number of electric cars. In Europe, e-bikes are even more popular, with about 4.5 million sold in 2020.

The COVID pandemic increased e-bike sales as people sought individual, socially distanced transportation. Riding an e-bike was also a great way to get outside. But, because e-bikes are so convenient for short commutes, we think the trend should stick post-COVID, especially given the surging gas prices.

Besides, e-bikes are a great way of lowering your carbon footprint. Lithium-ion battery-powered e-bikes don’t emit carbon. Most urban trips are short, only a few miles, so many riders can forgo car trips altogether or, at worst, reduce them.

E-bikes are also getting cheaper, helped by the declining cost of lithium-ion batteries. Though they aren’t as cheap as regular bikes, e-bikes cost anywhere from $1,000 to as much as $15,000. And they are definitely cheaper than electric cars.

Bike-sharing programs like Citi Bike in New York City make electric bikes even more affordable. Some cities have opted in for all-electric bike fleets, and there are even peer-to-peer bike-sharing platforms.

Electric bicycle, scooter, and motorcycle stock list

  • NIU Technologies (NIU)
  • Volcon Inc (VLCN)
  • Bird Global Inc (BRDS)
  • Helbiz (HLBZ)
  • Livewire (LVW)

There are no publicly listed companies that only sell electric bikes, so we’ve added electric scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles to the mix. Popular electric bike companies like Rad Power Bikes, VanMoof, GoCycle, and Cowboy are private.

Read more about each company:

1. NIU Technologies (NIU)

  • Market capitalization: $611 million

Nasdaq-listed NIU Technologies is a Chinese e-mobility company that sells electric motorcycles, bikes, and scooters. NIU products use lithium-ion batteries, capitalizing on both micromobility and sustainability trends. Though e-mobility took off in China first, the rest of the world is following.

Founded in 2014, NIU sells its products through a network of retail stores, which exceed 2,600 in China alone, as well as through partners. Although most sales are still in China, the company is rapidly expanding globally, opening showrooms in places like New York. NIU sold 600,000 units in 2020 and over 1 million units in 2021. In 2021, NIU expanded its production capacity from 1 million to 2 million units annually.

2. Volcon Inc (VLCN)

  • Market capitalization: $34 million

Volcon is an American company that makes off-road electric motorcycles. The company began building the prototypes for off-road motorcycles – the Grunt and the smaller Runt – in October 2020, and is currently fulfilling orders. The Grunt started shipping in September 2021.

In 2022, Volcon expects to add the Volcon Stag, a utility terrain vehicle, to be followed by the Volcon Beast in 2023. All motorcycles are assembled in the U.S., at a facility in Round Rock, Texas. Volcon plans to add another facility near Austin.

Volcon IPO’d on the Nasdaq in October 2021 and currently has a market capitalization of $34 million. As an early-stage company, it doesn’t have much revenue to speak of, so this stock is quite speculative and very volatile.

3. Bird Global Inc (BRDS)

  • Market capitalization: $212 million

Santa Monica, California-based Bird Global offers electric scooters and bikes. They are best known for their electric scooter ride-sharing business, and you’ve probably seen their scooters on the road. Bird also sells e-bikes with a 500w motor and removable batteries.

Bird has grown rapidly, generating $95 million in 2020 sales and $205 million in 2021 sales. However, the company continues to post losses. Although most revenue comes from the U.S., Bird has expanded to over 30 countries and 350 cities.

Bird listed on the Nasdaq in November 2021 after merging with a SPAC, though like all unprofitable SPACs the stock has not done well. Its competitor Lime may also eventually go public.

4. Helbiz (HLBZ)

  • Market capitalization: $38 million

Newly listed on the NASDAQ, Helbiz is an Italian-American micro-mobility company offering electric scooters, bicycles, and mopeds. However, the company has been diversifying in a few unrelated markets, including launching ghost kitchens in Miami and a sports streaming platform. They’ve even tried creating a cryptocurrency in the past. Are they doing too much?

5. Livewire (LVW)

Harley-Davidson (HOG) is expected to spin off Livewire, its electric motorcycle brand, in 2022. The new company will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker LVW, and Harley-Davidson will own most of the shares. The proceeds from the listing will fund marketing, new products, manufacturing, and distribution.

Launched in 2019, Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle, Livewire One, sells for $21,999. The company plans to add new models in the future. Although Livewire only sold about 400 vehicles in 2021, Harley-Davidson clearly knows how to make motorcycles. Learn more about LiveWire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What e-bike companies are publicly traded?

There are no publicly listed companies in the U.S. that only sell electric bikes. Popular electric bike companies like Rad Power Bikes, VanMoof, GoCycle, and Cowboy are private. However, companies like Bird Global and NIU Technologies sell e-bikes in addition to electric motorcycles and scooters.