ESG Mutual Funds: The Complete List

SustainFi   Updated March 25th, 2022

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ESG funds take into account environmental, social, and governance factors in addition to financial metrics. Some funds also exclude fossil fuels and other controversial sectors.

U.S. Equities

Parnassus Core Equity Fund (PRBLX)
Vanguard FTSE Social Index Fund (VFTAX)
Parnassus Mid-Cap Fund (PARMX)
TIAA-CREF Social Choice Equity Fund (TICRX)
Putnam Sustainable Leaders Fund (PNOPX)
Calvert Equity Fund (CSIEX)
Brown Advisory Sustainable Growth Fund (BIAWX)
Parnassus Endeavor Fund (PARWX)
Calvert US Large Cap Core Responsible Index Fund (CSXAX)
American Century Sustainable Equity Fund (AFEIX)
Amana Growth Fund (AMAGX)
Calvert Small-Cap Fund (CCVAX)
Neuberger Berman Sustainable Equity Fund (NSBRX)
Amana Income Investor Fund (AMANX)
Parnassus Mid-Cap Growth Fund (PARNX)
Pax Large Cap Fund (PAXLX)
Domini Impact Equity Fund (DSEFX)
Calvert US Large Cap Value Index Fund (CFJAX)
Nuveen Winslow Large-Cap Growth ESG Fund (NWCAX)
Fidelity U.S. Sustainability Index Fund (FITLX)
Putnam Sustainable Future Fund (PMVAX)
Transamerica Sustainable Equity Fund (TRDIX)
Pax Small Cap Fund (PXSAX)
BNY Mellon Sustainable U.S. Equity Fund (DRTHX)
Green Century Equity Fund (GCEQX)
Praxis Growth Index Fund (MGNDX)
Praxis Value Index Fund (MVIAX)
Shelton Green Alpha Fund (NEXTX)
Calvert Mid-Cap Fund (CCAFX)
Northern US Quality ESG Fund (NUESX)
Walden Equity Fund (WSEFX)
Pax ESG Beta Quality Fund (PXWGX)
BlackRock Advantage ESG US Equity (BIRAX)
DWS ESG Core Equity Fund (MIDVX)
Calvert US Mid-Cap Index Fund (CMJAX)
J Hancock ESG Large Cap Core Fund (JHJAX)
Praxis Small Cap Index Fund (MMSCX)
Aspiration Redwood Fund (REDWX)
Fidelity Sustainability U.S. Equity Fund (FSEBX)

Global and International Equities

AB Sustainable Global Thematic Fund (ALTFX)
Pax Global Environmental Markets Fund (PGRNX)
Domini Impact International Equity Fund (DOMIX)
Northern Global Sustainability Index Fund (NSRIX)
Mirova Global Sustainable Equity Fund (ESGMX)
Trillium ESG Global Equity Fund (PORTX)
Calvert International Equity Fund (CWVGX)
TIAA-CREF Social Choice International Equity Fund (TSORX)
Touchstone Global ESG Equity Fund (TEQAX)
Pax MSCI EAFE ESG Leaders Index Fund (PXINX)
AB Sustainable International Thematic Fund (AWPAX)
Aberdeen US Sustainable Leaders Fund (GXXAX)
Vanguard Global ESG Select Stock Fund Admiral Shares (VESGX)
Calvert International Opportunities Fund (CIOAX)
Boston Common ESG Impact International Fund (BCAIX)
UBS International Sustainable Equity Fund (BNIEX)
Calvert International Responsible Index Fund (CDHAX)
Praxis International Index Fund (MPLAX)
Vanguard Global ESG Select Stock Fund (VEIGX)
Fidelity International Sustainability Index Fund (FNIDX)
Goldman Sachs International Equity ESG Fund (GSIFX)
Thornburg Better World International Fund (TBWAX)
Green Century International Index Fund (GCINX)
Baillie Gifford Positive Change Equities Fund (BPEKX)
Hartford Global Impact Fund (HGXAX)
Pax Global Opportunities Fund (PAXGX)
TIAA-CREF Social Choice Low Carbon Equity Fund (TLWCX)

Emerging Markets Equities

Calvert Emerging Markets Equity Fund (CVMAX)
Matthews Asia ESG Fund (MEGMX)
Amana Developing World Fund (AMDWX)
Calvert Emerging Markets Advancement Fund (CEFAX)
Goldman Sachs ESG Emerging Markets Fund (GEBAX)


TIAA-CREF Core Impact Bond Fund (TSBRX)
Calvert Bond Fund (CSIBX)
PIMCO Total Return ESG Fund (PTGAX)
Calvert Short Duration Income Fund (CSDAX)
Pax Core Bond Fund (PAXBX)
Praxis Impact Bond Fund (MIIAX)
Calvert Income Fund (CFICX)
Pax High Yield Bond Fund (PAXHX)
PIMCO Low Duration ESG Fund (PLUPX)
RBC Impact Bond Fund (RIBAX)
Parnassus Fixed Income Fund (PRFIX)
Touchstone Impact Bond Fund (TCPAX)
Calvert High Yield Bond Fund (CYBAX)
Fidelity Sustainability Bond Index Fund (FNDSX)
Brown Advisory Sustainable Bond Fund (BASBX)
Calvert Flexible Bond Fund (CUBAX)
Domini Impact Bond Fund (DSBFX)
Angel Oak Financials Income Fund (ANFLX)
Calvert Long-Term Income Fund (CLDAX)
Fidelity Environmental Bond Fund (FFEBX)

Green Bonds

Calvert Green Bond Fund (CGAFX)
TIAA-CREF Green Bond Fund (TGROX)
Mirova Global Green Bond Fund (MGGAX)

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Impact Bonds

CCM Community Impact Bond Fund (CRATX)
Access Capital Community Investment Fund (ACASX)
Columbia U.S. Social Bond Fund (CONAX)

Climate Change and Clean Energy

Pax Global Environmental Markets Fund (PGRNX)
New Alternatives Fund (NALFX)
Goldman Sachs Clean Energy Income Fund (GCEJX)
Fidelity Select Environment and Alternative Energy Portfolio (FSLEX)
GMO Climate Change Fund (GCCHX)
Calvert Global Energy Solutions Fund (CGAEX)
Fidelity Climate Action Fund (FCAEX)
Shelton Green Alpha Fund (NEXTX)
Hartford Climate Opportunities Fund (HEOMX)
Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund (GAAEX)

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Socially Conscious and Impact

Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Leadership Fund (PXWEX)
Fidelity Women’s Leadership Fund (FWOMX)
Glenmede Women in Leadership Fund (GWILX)

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Calvert Global Water Fund (CFWAX)
Virtus AllianzGI Water Fund (AWTAX)
Fidelity Water Sustainability Fund (FLOWX)

Balanced Funds

Pax Sustainable Allocation Fund (PAXWX)
Calvert Balanced Fund (CSIFX)
1919 Socially Responsive Balanced Fund (SSIAX)
Calvert Moderate Allocation Fund (CMAAX)
Pioneer Balanced ESG Fund (AOBLX)
Green Century Balanced Fund (GCBLX)
AllianzGI Global Allocation Fund (PALAX)
Calvert Conservative Allocation Fund (CCLAX)
Calvert Growth Allocation Fund (CAAAX)
Walden Balanced Fund (WSBFX)
Appleseed Fund (APPLX)

Target-Date Funds

Natixis Sustainable Future Funds
BlackRock LifePath ESG Index Funds

Biblically Responsible and Christian Values

Eventide Multi-Asset Income Fund (ETIMX)
Eventide Limited-Term Bond Fund (ETABX)
Eventide Dividend Opportunities Fund (ETIDX)
Eventide Gilead Fund (ETGLX)
Guidestone Defensive Market Strategies Fund (GDMZX)
Guidestone Equity Index Fund (GEQZX)
Guidestone Value Equity Fund (GVEZX)
Guidestone Growth Equity Fund (GGEZX)
Guidestone Small Cap Equity Fund (GSCZX)
Guidestone International Equity Fund (GIEZX)
Guidestone Emerging Markets Equity Fund (GEMZX)
Guidestone Money Market Fund (GMZXX)
Guidestone Low-Duration Bond Fund (GLDZX)
Guidestone Medium-Duration Bond Fund (GMDZX)
Guidestone Global Bond Fund (GGBFX)
Guidestone Global Real Estate Securities Fund (GREZX)
Guidestone Strategic Alternatives Fund (GFSZX)
Guidestone Global Impact Fund (GGIIX)
Guidestone Conservative Allocation Fund (GFIZX)
Guidestone Balanced Allocation Fund (GGIZX)
Guidestone Growth Allocation Fund (GCOZX)
Guidestone Aggressive Allocation Fund (GGBZX)
Guidestone MyDestination Target-Date Funds

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Municipal bonds

JPMorgan Sustainable Municipal Income Fund (HLTAX)
Neuberger Berman Municipal Impact Fund (NMIIX)
Wells Fargo Municipal Sustainability Fund (WMSIX)
AB Impact Municipal Income Fund (ABIMX)
Payden California Municipal Social Impact Fund (PYCRX)
Green California Tax-Free Income Fund (CFNTX)
Brown Advisory Tax-Exempt Sustainable Bond Fund (BITEX)
Calvert Responsible Municipal Income Fund (CTTLX)
Franklin Municipal Green Bond Fund (FGBKX)

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