ESG ETFs: The Complete List

SustainFi   Updated March 22nd, 2022

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ESG funds take into account environmental, social, and governance factors in addition to financial metrics. Some funds also exclude fossil fuels and other controversial sectors.

U.S. Stocks

Vanguard ESG U.S. Stock ETF (ESGV)
Xtrackers MSCI USA ESG Leaders Equity ETF (USSG)
iShares ESG MSCI USA Leaders ETF (SUSL)
iShares MSCI USA ESG Select ETF (SUSA)
iShares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETF (DSI)
Nuveen ESG Large-Cap Value ETF (NULV)
Nuveen ESG Small-Cap ETF (NUSC)
iShares ESG Aware MSCI USA Small-Cap ETF (ESML)
Nuveen ESG Large-Cap Growth ETF (NULG)
Xtrackers S&P 500 ESG ETF (SNPE)
IQ Candriam ESG US Equity ETF (IQSU)
Nuveen ESG Mid-Cap Growth ETF (NUMG)
Nuveen ESG Mid-Cap Value ETF (NUMV)
FlexShares STOXX US ESG Impact Index Fund (ESG)
iShares ESG Advanced MSCI USA ETF (USXF)
ClearBridge Large Cap Growth ESG ETF (LRGE)
Nuveen ESG Large-Cap ETF (NULC)
WisdomTree U.S. ESG Fund (RESP)
Nuveen Winslow Large-Cap Growth ESG ETF (NWLG)
Hartford Schroders ESG US Equity ETF (HEET)

Developed Markets Stocks

Vanguard ESG International Stock ETF (VSGX)
SPDRยฎ MSCI EAFE Fossil Fuel Free ETF (EFAX)
IQ Candriam ESG International Equity ETF (IQSI)
Nuveen ESG International Developed Markets Equity ETF (NUDM)
iShares ESG Advanced MSCI EAFE ETF (DMXF)
SPDR Bloomberg SASB Developed Markets Ex-US ESG Select ETF (RDMX)

Emerging Markets Stocks

iShares ESG Aware MSCI EM ETF (ESGE)
iShares ESG MSCI EM Leaders ETF (LDEM)
SPDRยฎ MSCI Emerging Markets Fossil Fuel Free ETF (EEMX)
KraneShares MSCI China Clean Technology ETF (KGRN)
Nuveen ESG Emerging Markets Equity ETF (NUEM)
Freedom 100 Emerging Markets ETF (FRDM)
WisdomTree Emerging Markets ESG Fund (RESE)
iShares ESG Advanced MSCI EM ETF (EMXF)
KraneShares MSCI China ESG Leaders Index ETF (KESG)
Emerging Markets Carbon Reduction and Climate Improvers ETF (EMCR)
SPDR Bloomberg SASB Emerging Markets ESG Select ETF (REMG)


Engine No. 1 Transform 500 ETF (VOTE)


iShares ESG U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF (EAGG)
iShares ESG USD Corporate Bond ETF (SUSC)
iShares ESG 1-5 Year USD Corporate Bond ETF (SUSB)
Nuveen ESG U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF (NUBD)
iShares ESG Advanced Total USD Bond Market ETF (EUSB)
Inspire Corporate Bond Impact ETF (IBD)
PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity Active ESG ETF (EMNT)
Nuveen ESG High Yield Corporate Bond ETF (NUHY)
Vanguard ESG U.S. Corporate Bond ETF (VCEB)

Green Bonds

iShares Global Green Bond ETF (BGRN)
VanEck Vectors Green Bond ETF (GRNB)

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Fossil Free

SPDR S&P 500 Fossil Fuel Reserves Free ETF (SPYX)
SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets Fossil Fuel Free ETF (EEMX)
Etho Climate Leadership U.S. ETF (ETHO)
Change Finance U.S. Large Cap Fossil Fuel Free ETF (CHGX)
iShares iBoxx USD High Yield ex Oil & Gas Corporate Bond ETF (HYXF)

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Low-Carbon and Climate Transition

iShares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETF (CRBN)
Invesco MSCI Sustainable Future ETF (ERTH)
BlackRock U.S. Carbon Transition Readiness ETF (LCTU)
BlackRock World ex U.S. Carbon Transition Readiness ETF (LCTD)
JPMorgan Carbon Transition US Equity ETF (JCTR)
iClima Global Decarbonization Transition Leaders ETF (CLMA)
Engine No. 1 Transform Climate ETF (NETZ)

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Clean Energy, Smart Grid, and Cleantech

ALPS Clean Energy ETF (ACES)
First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Smart Grid Infrastructure Index Fund (GRID)
Invesco Solar ETF (TAN)
Global X Solar ETF (RAYS)
Invesco MSCI Sustainable Future ETF (ERTH)
First Trust Global Wind Energy ETF (FAN)
Global X Wind Energy ETF (WNDY)
Invesco Global Clean Energy ETF (PBD)
SPDR Kensho Clean Power ETF (CNRG)
VanEck Vectors Low Carbon Energy ETF (SMOG)
Global X CleanTech ETF (CTEC)
Global X Renewable Energy Producers ETF (RNRG)
Defiance Next Gen H2 ETF (HDRO)
Direxion Hydrogen ETF (HJEN)
Global X Hydrogen ETF (HYDR)
SPDR S&P Kensho Intelligent Structures ETF (SIMS)
Virtus Duff & Phelps Clean Energy ETF (VCLN)
BlackRock Future Climate and Sustainable Economy ETF (BECO)
iClima Distributed Renewable Energy Transition Leaders ETF (SHFT)
VanEck Green Metals ETF (GMET)
JPMorgan Climate Change Solutions ETF (TEMP)

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Green Buildings

Invesco MSCI Green Building ETF (GBLD)

๐Ÿ”” Learn more about GBLD.

Electric Cars and Batteries

Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF (DRIV)
iShares Self-Driving EV and Tech ETF (IDRV)
KraneShares Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility ETF (KARS)
Fidelity Electric Vehicles and Future Transportation ETF (FDRV)
Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF (LIT)
Amplify Lithium & Battery Technology ETF (BATT)

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ESG Bitcoin and Crypto Mining

Viridi Clean Energy Crypto Mining & Semiconductor ETF (RIGZ)

Socially Conscious, Gender and Racial Diversity

iShares MSCI Global Impact ETF (SDG)
Global X Conscious Companies ETF (KRMA)
SPDRยฎ SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETF (SHE)
Goldman Sachs JUST U.S. Large Cap Equity ETF (JUST)
US Vegan Climate ETF (VEGN)
Impact Shares NAACP Minority Empowerment ETF (NACP)
Impact Shares YWCA Women’s Empowerment ETF (WOMN)
Fidelity Womenโ€™s Leadership ETF (FDWM)
Humankind US Stock ETF (HKND)

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Global X S&P 500ยฎ Catholic Values ETF (CATH)
Inspire 100 ETF (BIBL)
Inspire Global Hope ETF (BLES)
Wahed FTSE USA Shariah ETF (HLAL)
SP Funds S&P 500 Sharia Industry Exclusions ETF (SPUS)
Inspire International ESG ETF (WWJD)
Inspire Tactical Balanced ESG ETF (RISN)
Inspire Faithward Large Cap Momentum ESG ETF (FEVR)
Inspire Faithward Mid Cap Momentum ESG ETF (GLRY)
Inspire Corporate Bond Impact ETF (IBD)
Inspire Small/Mid Cap Impact ETF (ISMD)
Timothy Plan High Dividend Stock ETF (TPHD)
Columbus Global Belief ETF (KOCG)

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Invesco Water Resources ETF (PHO)
Invesco Global Water ETF (PIO)
Ecofin Global Water ESG Fund (EBLU)
Invesco S&P Global Water Index ETF (CGW)
First Trust Water ETF (FIW)
Global X Clean Water ETF (AQWA)

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Actively Managed

American Century Sustainable Equity ETF (ESGA)
Trend Aggregation ESG ETF (TEGS)
TrueMark ESG Active Opportunities ETF (ECOZ)
Fidelity Sustainability U.S. Equity ETF (FSST)
Goldman Sachs Future Planet Equity ETF (GSFP)

Carbon Credits

KraneShares Global Carbon ETF (KRBN)
iPath Series B Carbon ETN (GRN)
KraneShares European Carbon Allowance Strategy ETF (KEUA)
KraneShares California Carbon Allowance Strat ETF (KCCA)

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Affordable Housing

iShares GNMA Bond ETF (GNMA)
Impact Shares Affordable Housing MBS ETF (OWNS)

Nuclear Energy

Global X Uranium ETF (URA)
North Shore Global Uranium Mining ETF (URNM)
VanEck Uranium+Nuclear Energy ETF (NLR)
Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (SRUUF)

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