Top 21 Impact and ESG Investing Podcasts

Sustainable investing is growing very rapidly, and it can be hard to keep up. Is there a better way of staying up-to-date than subscribing to a few podcasts?

SustainFi August 6, 2021

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If you are looking to learn more about sustainable investing, here are the top 21 impact and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing podcasts. Don’t forget to check out top impact investing books and Twitter accounts.

1. Impact Alpha Podcasts

  • Apple Store Rating: 4.9 (36 ratings)
  • Episodes: 197

Impact Alpha is one of the top media sites covering the impact investing space. They host a weekly podcast, the Briefing, discussing the latest trends in ESG investing. The podcast is very informative, covering subjects such as private equity and ESG and the racial wealth gap. Impact Alpha’s podcast targets professional investors, advisors, and impact entrepreneurs.

2. The Social Entrepreneur Podcast by Tony Loyd

  • Apple Store Rating: 4.9 (149 ratings)
  • Episodes: 325

The Social Entrepreneur Podcast is hosted by Tony Loyd, a TedX speaker, author, and coach to social entrepreneurs. He delves into multiple impact investing topics, from regenerative farming to housing affordability. Some of the guests included a CEO transforming the criminal justice system and a former oil exec now turning waste into energy.

3. ESG Now by MSCI

  • Apple Store Rating: 4.9 (91 ratings)
  • Episodes: 147

ESG Now is a weekly podcast from MSCI, a data and ratings provider. Host Mike Disabato from MSCI ESG Research covers the latest ESG news and research, including the impact of climate on investing and corporate social responsibility. He addresses both U.S. and global issues.

4. Disruptors for Good by Causeartist

  • Apple Store Rating: 5.0 (42 ratings)
  • Episodes: 130

Disruptors for Good is a podcast featuring social entrepreneurs and impact investors from around the world. It is presented by the founder of Causeartist, Grant Trahant. The podcast has covered sustainable packaging, fashion, investing, sustainable food, farming, and much more.

5. Money and Meaning by SOCAP

  • Apple Store Rating: 4.9 (33 ratings)
  • Episodes: 65

SOCAP is a thought leadership platform that aims to accelerate the impact investing movement. This monthly podcast from SOCAP Global features the stories of impact investors like Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management.

6. The Interchange by Greentech Media

  • Apple Store Rating: 4.9 (448 ratings)
  • Episodes: 202

The Interchange is a weekly podcast that tackles the global energy transformation. The hosts, journalist Stephen Lacey and venture capitalist Shayle Kann, discuss topics such as the environmental impact of crypto, clean electricity, battery innovation, solar power, and investing in the climate transition.

7. Switched On by Bloomberg

  • Apple Store Rating: 4.8 (59 ratings)
  • Episodes: 79

Switched On from Bloomberg covers the future of energy, transport, sustainability, and transport. The biweekly podcast, hosted by Mark Taylor and Dana Perkins, recently delved into topics like energy transition-focused funds, the transition to electric vehicles, and the price of carbon credits.

8. The Grow Ensemble Podcast

  • Apple Store Rating: 5.0 (55 ratings)
  • Episodes: 55

Grow Ensemble is a sustainability-centered podcast featuring social entrepreneurship, ethical fashion, plastic waste, inclusivity, and more. Although the podcast is not investing-focused, it has covered related topics like the B Corp movement and conscious investing and spending. The podcast is hosted by Cory Ames, the Founder of Grow Ensemble.

9. ESG Insider: A Podcast From S&P Global

  • Apple Store Rating: 4.9 (36 ratings)
  • Episodes: 197

ESG Insider from S&P Global discusses the latest ESG business trends. The podcast is very informative, though it’s geared more toward ESG professionals. Co-hosts Lindsey Hall and Esther Whieldon interview ESG experts, discussing topical issues like green bonds and the impact of European floods. Lindsey Hall is head of ESG Thought Leadership at S&P Global, the rating agency, and Esther Whieldon is a Senior Writer on the team.

10. Dollars and Change by the Wharton Social Impact Initiative

  • Apple Store Rating: 4.8 (15 ratings)
  • Episodes: 169

The Wharton School’s Dollars and Change podcast features talks with impact industry thought leaders on social enterprise, impact investing, and social responsibility. Hosts Katherine Klein and Sandi Hunt have recently focused on the racial wealth gap, affordable housing, and diversity initiatives. Guests have included the co-founder of Warby Parker and the Director of Philosophy at Patagonia.

11. Refinitiv Sustainability Perspectives Podcast by Refinitiv

  • Apple Store Rating: 5.0 (15 ratings)
  • Episodes: 80

Refinitiv Sustainability Perspectives is a biweekly podcast that delves into sustainable investing, finance, and much more. Hosted by Keesa Schreane, the podcast has recently explored second chance hiring, ESG and private equity, the surge of interest in ESG from millennials, and how to develop a cleaner electrical grid.

12. The Principles for Responsible Investment Podcast

  • Apple Store Rating: 4.8 (12 ratings)
  • Episodes: 99

The Principles for Responsible Investment podcast covers a range of ESG-related topics, including human rights, shareholder resolutions, and ESG and sovereign debt. This highly informative podcast targets investment and ESG professionals.

13. Investing in Impact | Impact Investing by Causeartist

  • Apple Store Rating: 5.0 (11 ratings)
  • Episodes: 39

Investing in Impact features interviews with impact investors, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists from around the world. Guests talk about funding, investing, and scaling impactful businesses. Recent podcasts discussed building a carbon credit marketplace and an online lending platform for regenerative agriculture.

14. Impact Leaders: Sustainable and Impact Investment and Performance with Purpose by JP Dallmann

  • Apple Store Rating: 5.0 (9 ratings)
  • Episodes: 53

The Impact Leaders podcast features a variety of impact investing subjects. The host, JP Dallmann, talks to impact wealth managers and private equity professionals. The podcast has covered the role of the family office in sustainable investing and investing in real estate with a sustainability angle, among other topics.

15. America Adapts: The Climate Change Podcast by Doug Parsons

  • Apple Store Rating: 4.6 (133 ratings)
  • Episodes: 143

Doug Parson’s climate change podcast features talks with scientists, authors, politicians, and climate reporters. Although America Adapts is not focused on investing, it has covered a variety of finance topics like the impact of climate change on the mortgage industry, climate adaptive investments, and adapting insurance markets to climate change.

16. The Impact Investing Podcast by David O’Leary

  • Apple Store Rating: 5.0 (9 ratings)
  • Episodes: 33

The Impact Investing podcast features conversations with for-profit impact leaders. Recent episodes highlighted art activism as a force for impact and gender lens investing. Canadian host David O’Leary offers additional resources on his site.

17. The ESG Experience by Goby

  • Apple Store Rating: 5.0 (7 ratings)
  • Episodes: 6

ESG portfolio management company Goby is producing an informative podcast on ESG issues, from diversity and inclusion in the investment management industry to ESG in the Biden era. The podcast is aimed at ESG professionals. Although the ESG Experience doesn’t follow a consistent release schedule, it’s worth subscribing to.

18. The Impact Hustlers: Entrepreneurs With Social Impact by Maiko Schaffrath

  • Apple Store Rating: 5.0 (7 ratings)
  • Episodes: 74

The Impact Hustlers podcast, hosted by Maiko Schaffrath, shares stories of impact entrepreneurs solving problems like climate change and poverty. The podcast has covered electric car batteries, hydrogen, plant-based food, savings for millennials, and improving credit assessments.

19. The ESG Update by Dan Carreno

  • Apple Store Rating: 5.0 (5 ratings)
  • Episodes: 26

The ESG Update offers the latest ESG investing news and trends. It is a biweekly podcast hosted by Dan Carreno, the Head of Business Development at Change Finance, a provider of sustainable exchange-traded funds. The podcast targets investment professionals and those who are plugged into the sustainable investing world. Most recently, The ESG Update featured shareholder activism, the relationship between ESG factors and financial performance, and green retirement plans.

20. Investing Forward by Linda Rogers

  • Apple Store Rating: 5.0 (4 ratings)
  • Episodes: 10

Investing Forward teaches investors about ESG investments, green bonds, sustainability ratings, and more. The podcast is hosted by Linda Rogers, a Certified Financial Planner and owner of Planning Within Reach. Linda and her guests discuss impact investing, investing in communities, charitable giving, and even investing in sustainable farmland. The podcast doesn’t have a consistent release schedule, but it’s worth waiting for new episodes.

21. Deep Impact Investing by Kimberly Griego-Kiel

  • Apple Store Rating: 5.0 (3 ratings)
  • Episodes: 51

The Deep Impact Investing podcast discusses sustainable investing and explains how to create an investment portfolio that reflects your values. It is hosted by Kimberly Griego-Kiel, the owner of Horizons Sustainable Financial Services. Kimberly and her guests recently talked about choosing the right financial advisor and sustainable agriculture. The host also offers her saving and budgeting tips.

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