Top 20 ESG and Impact Investing Blogs and Influencers You Should Follow

It’s hard to keep up with everything going on in the world of impact investing and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) media. We put together a list of the must-follow ESG and impact investing blogs and journalists.

SustainFi   Updated August 17th, 2021

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Alastair Marsh for Bloomberg Climate

Alastair Marsh covers ESG, green finance, greenwashing, and the money side of climate change for Bloomberg.


B The Change

B The Change is a blog from the nonprofit B Lab. (B Lab certifies B Corporations, companies using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.) Its mission is “to inform and inspire people who have a passion for using business as a force for good in the world.” B Lab features the stories of entrepreneurs and sustainable businesses, many of them B Corps.



Founded in 2013, Causeartist tells the stories of startups and social entrepreneurs impacting the world through social enterprise.


Dieter Holger for the Wall Street Journal

Dieter Holger covers sustainability and ESG corporate news and investing for The Wall Street Journal.


The ESG Advisor 

The ESG Advisor is an impact and sustainable investing blog from Jon Hale, the head of sustainability research at Morningstar.


ESG Investor 

ESG Investor offers the latest news on ESG for asset owners looking to invest sustainably. The site targets institutional investors.

The Financial Times: Moral Money

Moral Money offers news and analysis about the fast-expanding world of socially responsible business, sustainable finance, impact investing, ESG trends, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Impact Alpha

Impact Alpha is an impact investing news site that also hosts an impact-themed podcast series. They cover a variety of topics, from carbon markets to affordable housing.



Launched in 2014, Impakter covers sustainability-centric topics, including green finance and philanthropy. The site was launched to create a bridge between millennials and baby boomers.


Joan Michelson for Forbes

Joan Michelson is a Forbes writer focused on sustainability, climate, and women’s leadership. She also runs Green Connections Radio.


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Just Capital Blog

Founded in 2013, JUST Capital is a nonprofit with the mission of building an inclusive economy. In addition to ranking America’s largest companies on just business behavior, they publish a corporate social responsibility-focused blog.


Leslie Norton for Morningstar

Formerly at Barron’s, Leslie Norton is a longtime ESG and sustainable investing journalist.


Maitane Sardon for the Wall Street Journal

Maitane Sardon covers corporate ESG issues and impact investing for The Wall Street Journal.


Make Change from Aspiration

Make Change is a green banking and sustainability-themed blog from Aspiration, the green neobank.

Morningstar Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Matters from fund rating provider Morningstar offers the latest news on ESG funds and metrics.

Next Billion

Next Billion is a website focused on international development and impact investing, with an emphasis on emerging markets. The site is run by the University of Michigan.


The New York Times Climate

The New York Times Climate offers climate and environmental coverage from The New York Times journalists.


Paul Sullivan (Wealth Matters) for the New York Times

Paul Sullivan writes Wealth Matters, a New York Times personal finance column for high-net-worth investors. He frequently covers sustainable investing topics like what individuals can do to fight climate change, impact investing, and philanthropy.


Robinson Meyer for the Atlantic

Robinson Meyer covers climate-related issues, including ESG investing, for the Atlantic. He also writes the Weekly Planet newsletter.


Triple Pundit

Triple Pundit is a media site covering sustainability-related topics, including social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable business models.


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